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August 5, 2010
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"Kakuzu....the visiting hours are over..."
"I don't care..." he said weakly, not looking at his mom, just at the sleeping Hidan.  "I'm not leaving his side...not for a second..." he said sternly.
His mom sighed, disappointed and looked down at her watch, then at over at him.  She sighed again, sadly this time, and walked over from the door and sat in the other chair next to him. "Okay..." she said, putting her purse and jacket in her lap.  "We'll stay..." she said, smiling.
Kakuzu smiled, still looking at the sleeping, injured Hidan in hospital bed.  He squeezed Hidan's hand tight then lifted it up and kissed it softly.  He rubbed his cheek on it, begging softly "Please wake up..."  He gulped back the tears and kissed his hand again.

Acheing pain...throbbing pain...warm hand...
Hidan slowly opened his eyes and saw the darkness above him.
He groaned and rolled his head over to his left and saw Kakuzu right up next to the bed in a chair, asleep, his hand clasped in his.  Hidan smiled weakly, he groaned in pain and rolled his head back over on the soft pillow.
He layed there for some time, trying to remember the events before...
He remembered running out of the store...
...then a screaming pain...
...then nothing...
He layed his head on his side, looking over at Kakuzu, and smiled.  He wanted to call his name, but his thoat hurt for some reason, and his chest did too, so did his right arm.
He tried to wiggle his right arm, but it wouldn't move.   He rolled his head over and didn't see any skin, just white.  He gasped when he realized it was a cast.  He rolled his head back over to look Kakuzu.
He squeezed his hand weakly, hopeing to wake him up.
Kakuzu's body jolted and looked around, scared.  "Huh?" he said, sleepily.
Hidan laughed weakly.
Kakuzu looked down at him and smiled, trying to hold in all his excitement.  "Hidan..." he said softly, but excitedly.  "You're okay..." he smiled and he lifted his hand and kissed it, then rubbed it against his cheek, loving to hear his voice again.
Hidan giggled, loving his touch again.  Then asked, worried "What me...?"
Kakuzu looked at him, sadly, then put his hand down, not letting go of it.  "Well, the doc's say you where hit by a car going 30..."
Hidan's eyes widened in fear, he held his breath and asked "A...a car...?" he gulped.
Kakuzu nodded.  "You broke your arm, almost all your ribs on ur right side and you got a head injury..." he said sadly, then he smiled.  "The doc's are surprised your not paralized..."
Hidan continued stared at him, awestruck, not knowing what to say.
Kakuzu smiled, sadly saying  "I'm just glad your alright." he got up and leaned over and kissed Hidan on the cheek.
Hidan didn't move, he was still thinking about what Kakuzu said earlier and how the hell he survived it all.
Kakuzu sat down back in his chair.  He noticed Hidan's scared face and his smiled faded.  "What's wrong?"
Hidan gulped and looked up at him.  He shook his head and rolled his head over on the pillow, looking down at his feet.  "Nothing..." he said, weakly. " all..." he gulped.  He looked back over at Kakuzu, who was smiling now.
"Don't worry about it, babe..." he said, lifting his hand up and kissing it again.  He looked down at his hand, stroking his thumb across it.  Hidan watched him, slightly confused.
Kakuzu looked at him, and smiled.  He let his hand back down, not knowing what to tell him.
"I was really worried about you..." he finally said.
Hidan blinked, then smiled.  Kakuzu smiled back and leaned over and kissed his bandaged forehead.  Hidan smiled bigger and giggled softly.
"You should get back to sleep..." he whsipered to him, then he sat back in his chair.
"Mmmmm..." Hidan whinned in aggreement as rolled his head back. "Fine..." he looked back over at Kakuzu, who was laying back in his chair, yawning.  Hidan smiled and giggled and looked back down at his feet and closed his eyes, drifting slowly off to sleep...
He opened his eyes when he remembered something.  He rolled his head over to look at Kakuzu, who head was leaning back, snoring softly.  Hidan giggled and smiled.  He whispered weakly "Kakuzu..."
Kakuzu's head shot up, tired. "What what what?" he asked, looking around the room, then at Hidan.  "Babe, go back to sleep...please..." he begged, then yawned big.
Hidan smiled bigger.  "I wanted to tell you something..." he said.  He blushed and looked back down at his feet and closed his eyes...
"I love you too..."
Kakuzu kissed his cheek.  "I'm glad..."

Hidan groaned and opened his weak eyes.  He saw Kakuzu smile getting bigger as he opened his eyes.
"Ka....Kakuzu?" he asked confused.
"Hey..." he said softly, then kissed his healing head.
Hidan looked around confused. "Wh..." he started.  He looked back at Kakuzu. "Why did you--?"
"Hidan-chan!" he heard screams and cries as he saw a flood of kids force their way into his tiny room.  Hidan's eyes widened in joy and fear as they came up to his bed side and onto his tiny hospital bed.
Kakuzu chuckled.  "They couldn't wait for you to get home."
Some kids piled around his bed, and some climbed onto his bed into his lap, clinging on his unbroken arm, anyway to have Hidan-chan closest to them.
"Hidan-chaan!" one girl cried in in his face. "A-Auntie....Auntie Trisha s-said th-that...that you shoulda looked both ways!" she cried, stuttering from excitedment.  She nodded in aggreement to herself.
Hidan giggled.  "Did she now?" he asked, laughing again.
"MM-HMM!" she nodded again quickly. "Yeah yeah yeah, a-and that you should get better...r-really really SOOOON!" she said, wideneding her eyes, trying to look intimidating.
Hidan laughed, wideneding his eyes in fake fear. "Did she say that? Oh no!!" he cried, his head flying back in terror. "Oh nooo!" he cried again.
Kakuzu watched him, laughing to himself.  He watched him, with all his little friends, laughing and making sure everyone got the attention they wanted.  Hidan loved them all very much, and he couldn't see one sad or depressed.
"Okay okay, give the boy some space." someone called.
The kids looked back at the woman and whinned sadly.  They got off the bed and backed away from the bed and gave Antie Trisha the room she needed to walk up to Hidan.
Hidan sunk his head low and looked away.  "I'm sorry..." he said pouting cutely.
Auntie Trisha looked at him funny.  "Sorry for what?" She asked.
Hidan smiled and looked up at her.  "I didn't look both ways before crossing."
The little girl giggled.
She laughed and bent down and hugged him tight, trying hard not to hurt his arm. "I'm just glad your okay."
Hidan hugged back with his good arm.  "Me too."
Trisha straightened herself up, looking down at Hidan, smiling.  She looked up at Kakuzu, surprised.  "Oh, hello..." she said nervously.
Kakuzu blinked and smiled.  "Hello." he said, holding out his hand.  "My names Kakuzu."
Her face brightened.  "Kakuzu." she said, taking his hand "I've heard so much about you."
"Auntie!" Hidan shouted.  He slapped his hand over his reddening face.
They both chuckled as they let go of each others hands.
"Sorry, Hidan." she appologized, looking down at him.  "But I'm just so glad to meet him." she said.  She looked back up at Kakuzu.  "'re the boy he keeps talking about."
"AUNTIE!!" Hidan shouted again, louder this time, letting his head fall back defeated.
Kakuzu laughed looking down at the losing Hidan.  "Sorry babe." he said sweetly.
Hidan just groaned, not moving.
Kakuzu was about to say something, but he felt something pull on his pant leg.  He looked down at his pant leg and saw the little girl that was talking to Hidan earlier.
Kakuzu blinked confused.
The girl smiled.  "I like you..." she said happily.
Kakuzu's eyes widened, then he smiled.  "That's go-" he started to say before the girl clung to his leg.
The girl smiled bigger and snuggled to his leg.  "Kakuzu-chan!" she squealed cutely.
Kakuzu bluhsed and sweated a bit.  "Uh...yes...that's my name...don't ware it out...." he said, nervously, trying to walk away.
Hidan giggled looking down at the girl. "Aya, let go of him."
Aya whinned and looked up at Hidan, frowning. "But...b-but Hidan-chaaaaaan" she cried.
Hidan sighed and stared her down, playfully.  Aya did the same and let go of Kakuzu and stomped off, angry at the world.  Hidan watched her walk off, giggling to himself.
Kakuzu watched her walk off as well, slightly confused.  He looked back down at Hidan, who layed his head back and closed his eyes.  He smiled big and walked up to him, kissing his forehead softly.
Hidan's eyes snapped open and he turned pink.  He looked up at Kakuzu.  "What is it?" he asked confused.
Kakuzu smiled looking down at him, and brushed the hair out of his face.  Hidan's eyes got bigger, and heart monitor started beeping more.
"Kakuzu!" Hidan shouted, turning redder.  "Stop it will ya?!" he yelled."not with...p-people around, you fucker!!"  He looked over at the kids, who began giggling.  Hidan slapped his face again, hiding his red face, rolling his head back to Kakuzu.
Kakuzu chuckled.  "But, its been forever,babe..." he whinned.
Hidan's hand slid down his face, reveling his pissed off face glareing at him.
"Not infront of the kids!" he whispered.
Kakuzu chuckled bending his face down to his level.  His mood suddenly changed when he spoke. "Ten tell the kids to get out then..." he said in a velet voice.
Hidan's eyes widened and the heart monitor started to go crazy.  The kids giggled more.  Hidan scowled and shoved Kakuzu playfully away.
"Stay away from me!" he whinned, scooting away from him, keeping his hurt arm close to him.
Kakuzu whined sadly.  "You don't wanna kiss me?"  he said sadly.  The kids giggled louder and more.
"Stop it!" he shouted, hiding under his covers.
Kakuzu laughed and kissed him on his head, letting him hide from the world.  "Fine then..." he said and giggled more.

Hidan's body jumped and he looked up.
"I'm trying to talk to you you ass!"
Hidan whined and layed his head back on Kakuzu's shoulder, and said "Whatever..." and closed his eyes peacefully.
Deidara growled.  "Oh, fuck you." he complained "Every since you two started dateing, you never talk anymore...." he said angerly.
"He's never been talkitvie..." Kisame said simply.
Hidan smiled and wrapped his arm tighter around Kakuzu's arm. "Mmmmmmmm..." he mumbled, snuggling close to him.
Kakuzu giggled and kissed his head.  Hidan smiled and looked up at him and stuck his tounge out.  Kakuzu giggled and did the same.
Deidara rolled his eyes and looked back at Sasori "I blame you..." he said to him, crossing his arms, disappointed.
Sasori laughed.  "Me?! What did I do?" he asked, acting innocent.
"Oh, we all know you made the bottle stop at Hidan." Kisame said, poking his finger at him.
Hidan giggled and blew rasberries at Kakuzu's face.  Kakuzu jumped and his face turned to discust.  Hidan giggled and buried his face in his shoulder.  "I got youuuu..." he said cutely.
Kakuzu smiled. "Why you little--!" he shouted playfully.  He began tickling his neck, making Hidan squirm and move his head around to make him stop.  Kakuzu snickered and made fart noises on his neck.  Hidan squealed and giggled.  Hidan grabbed the back of his shirt as he began to fall back.  Kakuzu wrapped his arms around him and pulled him close.
Deidara rolled his eyes and looked at Sasori.  "Why don't we ever do that?" he asked, sadly.
Sasori just shrugged, not looking up at Deidara from his magazine.
Deidara scowled and stuck his tounge out at him.
Itachi just stared blankly at the new couple, dazzed.
Hidan caught him stareing at them.  "What?" he asked as Kakuzu began kissing his cheek down to his neck.  Hidan turned pink, but still watched Itachi, waiting for him to move.
Itachi tilted his head, confused.
Hidan growled.  "Okay, why do you always do that?" he asked, angry.
A few seconds went by before Itachi asked "What?"
"Stare blanky at me." Hidan responded, whinning softly as Kakuzu started to nibble softly on his neck.
Itachi sat there for a minute, thinking or just staring at him.  Eventually he shrugged and layed back in Kisame's lap, looking up at the clouds blankly.  Kisame wrapped his arms tight around him and kissed his cheek, Itachi giggled and blushed.
Hidan scowled.  "Kakuzu..."
Kakuzu lifted his head and looked at him.  "What?"
Hidan looked at him confused, then at Itachi, then back at him.
Kakuzu giggled.  "He's going blind..." he said.  He thought for a second, looking up at the sky for guidence.  "Or is blind...I don't remember.." he finished.  He looked back down at Hidan, who was slightly embarrased and shocked.
Kakuzu giggled again.  "It's fine, he's used to it." Kakuzu said.  
Hidan sighed, looking down and said "Thank Jashin..."
Kakuzu laughed and held him to his chest, resting his chin on his head.  Hidan smiled and snuggled close.  Kakuzu smiled and kissed his head, then layed his cheek on his head.  He closed his eyes and rocked him slowly.
Hidan's smiled faded as he began to go limp in his arms, slowly drifting to a peaceful state...
"Oh, shit...he looks pissed..."
Hidan opened his eyes and looked over at Sasori.  He blinked and looked up at Kakuzu, who was looking out across the park.
Hidan whinned and sat up, asking "What's wrong?"
When no one answered, he looked behind him.  His eyes widened in terror...
i dont like this one as much :iconigiveupplz:
but tell me what you think

and if you read this before august 6 2010...ima be gone from august 6th 2010 to august 8th 2010...:iconsweatplz: sorry..its for Ai Institute of Charleston open house for COOKING! :D

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I do not own Naruto
Kids and Auntie Trisha-:iconxxmyfategrimreaperxx:
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