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August 13, 2010
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...darkness...unknown......leaving...goodbye...forever...and ever...
Hidan eyes shot open and he panted softly in his small, dark room, feeling the sweat on his naked body.  He sat up slowly, holding himself with his good arm, pulling the covers off his legs slowly with his feet.
He gulped and looked around his tiny room, moonlight filling the room, hoping that it wasn't that day...
He looked over at his night stand and reached over and turned on his lamp. He looked down at his little calander with worry.  He picked it up and looked at it closely.
His eyes began watering and he threw the calander at the wall with anger and fear.  It made a loud THUD as it hit the wall.  He hugged his legs with his good arm and tucked his injured arm around his gut and sobbed softly into his knees, only wanting his Kuzu-chan now...

...the confused stares....the confused....loving stares...
Hidan smiled and squeezed Kakuzu's hand tighter as they walked down the sidewalk.  It was busy and midday in their town of Peidmont.
Kakuzu smiled and kissed him on the head.  Hidan giggled and snuggled closer to his arm, letting Kakuzu lead him somewhere unknown.
"Where are you taking me, Kuzu?" Hidan asked sweetly.
Kakuzu whinned and went red.  "D...Don't call me that in public.." Kakuzu said, putting his head down, hiding his face.
Hidan whinned and looked up at him. "But...b-but Kuzu-chaaaan..." Hidan whinned, pouitng cutely after he said it.
Kakuzu whinced and his face went neon.  " up..." he begged, pulling the hair from behind his ears to cover his face.
Hidan frowned and layed his cheek on his shoulder, looking down at his feet so he wouldn't step on anything.  He looked back at Kakuzu, who's head was still down in embarassment.
Hidan growled under his breath.  "I can call you what I want..." he whispered softly to him.  He then shouted  "Kuzu-chaaan!" so everyone around could hear.
Kakuzun stopped dead in his tracks and shot his head up and he looked around the crowd, scared and embarassed.
Hidan was giggling happily as he snuggled close to Kakuzu's arm and said "Kuzu-chan" again.
Kakuzu growled, wanting to smack him upside the head.  But he saw how happy he was, how cute he looked and his anger faded.
Instead he smiled and kissed him on the head.  "That's right, babe, you can call me what you wish..."
Hidan stopped giggling and his smile faded as he looked up at Kakuzu.
"Ka...Kakuzu?" he asked, wondering why his mood changed so quickly.  Hidan liked to embarass him.
Kakuzu smiled down at him.  "Now you wanna call me 'Kakuzu' now, huh, babe?" he asked.  He giggled and kissed his forehead.  "You're so weird, babe..." he said softly, then began walking again down the sidewalk.
Hidan began to smile, then he giggled and layed his head back on his arm, closing his eyes.  "My Kuzu-chan..."he cooed.
Kakuzu giggled, loving how Hidan said his nickname.
Hidan opened his eyes and gasped quietly.  He looked up at Kakuzu to see if he heard him.  Kakuzu didn't hear Hidan layed his head back down, watching someone with eyes, twisting his head around as they passed him.
Kakuzu noticed this and looked down at him confused. "Hidan?"
Hidan gasped and turned back around to look at him.  "Oh...s-sorry" he whinned softly.  He layed his head back down, filled with worry and confusion...

"Babe...what's wrong?" Kakuzu asked, squeezing his hand softly.
Hidan whinned and sunk his head lower.
"Babe..." Kakuzu cooed.  He scooted closer to him on the little park bench.  "What is it, hun?"
Hidan whinned and looked away.
Kakuzu tilted his head in worry, thinking again about what he said the other night to him....

You're the only one that's ever loved me back...

" know you can tell me anything...."  Kakuzu pleaded.
Hidan whinned and looked over at him, then he put his head back down, ashamed, not knowing what to say to his Kuzu-chan...
After a while, Hidan said "I-It's j-just...." he couldn't tell him...but he needed to..but how? "I don't" he eyes began watering as he finished his sentence. He bit his lip to stop the sobs, so Kakuzu wouldn't know...
"Why not?" he asked concerned, squeezing his hand tight in his.  
Hidan sobbed softly and sniffled, body shaking in fear and sadness.  Kakuzu immediatly hugged him tight, not wanting to see his baby cry, at any time...
"Shh shh shh..." he cooed.  He layed his cheek on his head, rocking him slowly. "shh shh shh...I'm right here, shhhhh..."
Hidan cried into his shirt, gripping to his back tightly, wishing he could have more of him. He wished today wasn't today, wished he could go back to rocking slowly in Kakuzu's arms, feeling his love again...and not having to worry about today, and the memories...the painfull memories...
Kakuzu rubbed his back, only wishing to help him somehow...
"What is it babe?" he asked again, trying not to sound too demanding.
Hidan wanted to tell him, wanted to let this pain off his shoudlers...but he didn't know how to tell was just too painful...
Hidan sniffled and rubbed his nose on Kakuzu's shoulder.  He layed his forehead on his shoulder and said "It's just....."  Kakuzu listened intently.  "I don't know..." he sobbed again, losing his confidence.  He rubbed his forehead on his shoulder "I don't know, Kuzu....I'm so screwed up..." he said, crying hard afterwords.
"Oh shh shh shh..." he cooed, hugging him tighter.  "You're not screwed up babe, please don't say that...."
Hidan smiled and giggled softly as he rubbed his cheek on his shirt.  "I know, I know..." he said softly.  He lifted his head up and kissed his cheek. "I know..." and layed his head back down.  "It's just............hard...."
"You don't have to tell me if you don't want..." Kakuzu explained, kissing his forehead.
Hidan lifted his head and looked at him, then tilted his head.  "I...I don't?" he asked confused.
Kakuzu smiled and giggled. "No...I just want you to know I'm here for you....always..." he said before he kissed his nose.
Hidan smiled and kissed him softly, loving his careing touch...his love...knowing he would always be there for matter what...
Kakuzu kissed back, loving the feeling of his soft lips on his...his soft, moist lips...
Kakuzu rested his forehead on his, rubbing his thumb on his cheek, loving his scent...his love...
Hidan opened his eyes, looking at Kakuzu, who was looking at him, confused as well.  He looked over to where he heard his name and gasped.
okay...not the HAPPIEST with this one...cause its short i suppose...idk...:icongivingupplz:

on another note....i rly want some contest entries!!!!! :faint:
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I do not own Naruto
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