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July 25, 2010
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Hidan stared at his opened hand for a while, before looking down at his feet.
Kakuzu tilted his head in confusion.
"I....I really should be getting home..." he said, instently regreting it.  He stood up on the bench before stepping off, head hanging low. "I'll....I'll just walk home..." he mumbled, tilting his head up to him, just to hang it again.  He started slowly walking off behind the truck into the town.
Kakuzu watched him walk off in awe.  He gulped and waved bye "See ya later then!"
Hidan put his right hand in the air and waved it a bit, but didn't turn it or his body around, then buried his hands in his pockets once more.  Kakuzu sighed and put his hand down, watching him walk off.
Kakuzu's mom was watching him walk off as well, then she looked back at her son. "Who's that?" she asked.
Kakuzu blinked and looked at his mom. "Oh...that's Hidan, he's new to our school."
His mom smiled. "Oh that's nice, he seems..." his mom looked back at Hidan out his window, who was almost lost in trees. "...nice..."
Kakuzu opened the door "He is.." and put his bookbag in the pick-up and sat down in the passenger seat. "I just hope he's gonna be okay..." he said sadly, shutting the door afterwords, looking at the dirty truck floor.
His mom looked over at him, understanding his pain, then she smiled.  "You should ask him over for dinner one night."
Kakuzu smiled faintly.  "Yeah," he looked up at his mom, smiling "I should." he said happily, before his mom began driving home.

...The stares...the evil stares...the confused....hateful stares.....
Hidan didn't care about that, all his attention was at Kakuzu, who was looking into his locker, face being hiden by the locker door.  Hidan smiled faintly as he walked closer to him, closer and closer to him.
His smile faded when Kakuzu closed the door....
He saw a girl there, a seinor, just like them, talking to him.  Hidan gulped and stood there, hands in his pockets, staring at the girl.
Kakuzu turned to walk to class, and almost ran into Hidan, whos head was hanging low.
"Hidan!" he shouted in surprise. He laughed nervously, standing before him "Hey, whats up?"
Hidan continued to look at his feet, hiding his face in shame.
Kakuzu blinked, and looked over at his friend.  "Oh, you haven't meet Star yet, have ya?" he said nervously.  "Star, this is Hidan, the kid I was telling you about."
Hidan's face went pink, and he lifted his head a little to look at Star, who looked like someone that went to hell and back.  Thick, black eye liner, pale skin, jet black hair, red streaks throughout it, all up in a spikey ponytail. Black shirt with torn fishnet over it, plaid skirt, zebra stripped nylons and big, chunky combat boots, along with long purple finger nails and fingerless gloves, like his.
Star looked down at Hidan, and smiled. "Aw, hes cuuuute, Kakuzuuuu!!"
Hidan whined and turned red, putting his head down more while he smoothed his ungelled hair back, just to have it fall back in his face.  "Kakuzuuuu, you didn't tell me he was a cute little metal heaaad!" she shouted before running up and hugging Hidan tight.  Hidan gulped and struggled in her grip, wishing it wasn't her that was hugging him.  "I just love your jacket! SOOOOOOO many zippers!!" she shouted, pushing him back and looking down at his jacket.
"Star, let go of him, he's shy." Kakuzu warned, only wishing to help.
"oh...heheheheh" she said nervously, and let go of Hidan and backed off to stand next to Kakuzu. "My bad." she said, poking her purple bottom lip. "Well, um, nice to meet you Hidan" she said before waving and skipping away.
Hidan glared at her as she skipped off.  Kakuzu just laughed nervously, scratching his head.
"Yeah, she's a crazy one." he said, watching her as well, then he looked down at Hidan, whos head was still hanging low.  Kakuzu whinned and let his hand fall by his side.  "You don't like her do you?" he asked, disappointed.
Hidan sighed and looked up at him, through his messed up hair, glareing at him.
Kakuzu gulped.  "Yeah...she likes to hug people...alot..." he looked down at his feet, then back at Hidan "ever since we meet, she's been like that...we've been bff's since like" he stopped to think for a second, looking up at the ceiling, hoping somehow it would help "the....second grade I think." then he looked back down at Hidan.
Hidan's heart lifted, his eyes relaxed and he smiled faintly.  But made it go away; he didn't want to smile, he didn't want to give away any unusual feelings he had.  He put his head back down, gulping after he did so.
Kakuzu sighed in releif.  "Well, um...gotta get to class so...." he watched as Hidan looked up at him. "See ya..." he nodded his head and started to walk off past Hidan.  Hidan turned his head and watched him walk off.
He felt a faint smile appear on his lips, but shook his head and made it go away before turning his head around and walking to class himself.

At lunch, Hidan sat at the table with all Kakuzu's friends, but without any food for himself.
Kakuzu looked over at him confused, worried for him more than anything.  "You sure you don't want me to get you some food?" he asked again.
Hidan nodded, going back to reading his book.
"Ya know," Star began "you should eat something, it's not good for your health"
Hidan lifted his head, and glared at her sitting next to him.
Star blinked and looked back at her food. "Just trying to be nice" she mumbled and went back to eating.
Hidan turned his head back to his book and continued to read, sighing.
"She has a point." Sasori agreed.
"Oh shut up puppet boy, you never eat, either." Kisame said.  Hidan smiled faintly behind his book.
Deidara gasped and clung to his puppet. "Don't say that about my danna!" he exclaimed.
Kisame glared at them both "Why don't ya get yourself a seat, ya blondie?"
Deidara growled and wanted to yell, but before he could so Sasori kissed his cheek. "Shush..." he ran his hand through his bangs, brushing the behind his ear, then glared at Kisame "you can kill him later..."
"Hmph" Deidara said, then huggled Sasori tight.
Kisame sighed, and looked back over at Itachi. "You okay hun?"
Itachi smiled, and nodded.  Then opened his mouth wide for more food.  Kisame giggled, and feed him more.  Itachi began chewing, blushing slightly as he did so.
Star clapped her hands together. "That is just TOO cute!" she shouted.  She giggled hopping in her seat.
"Oh, shut it, punk queen..." Kisame said, glareing at her.
Star gasped and wacked him upside the head. "Don't make me panfry you in butter and garlic, you fish!!" she yelled, stabbing a long fingernail infront of his face.
Kakuzu chuckled and looked over at Hidan, who was smiling more, but still looking at his book.
"So Kakuzu, you still going to the party this weekend?" Deidara asked, looking at Kakuzu, cheek laying on Sasori's head.  Hidan looked up from his book at Deidara, then up at Kakuzu.
"Yeah, yeah, its gonna be awesome!" Star shouted as she threw her hands in the air.
"Yeah..." Kakuzu responded to her overreaction, then looked down at Hidan, who was still staring up at him.  "Uh..." he looked over at Star.  "Can Hidan come too?"  Hidan turned his head to look at Star as well, anticipation the answer.
Star gasped and brought her hands to her chest, clasped together. "Oh my god, of COURSE he can!!" she shouted, wanting to hug him, but held back because she knew he hated it.
Hidan smiled faintly and looked back down at his book.  Star grabbed his shoulder and shook him, making Hidan look over at her in anger,  just to have her face in his face.
"It starts at 7PM, Saturday night, my house, Kakuzu can bring ya, cant ya Kakuzu?" Star looked up at him.  Kakuzu nodded. She smiled and looked back at Hidan. "You just HAVE to go!" she exlaimed, clapping her hands like a little girl.
"Oh great, metal head is coming..." Kisame said sarcasticlly.  Deidara smacked him in the head.
"Be nice!"
"Oww..." Kisame said as he was rubbing his sore head. "Stop smacking the fish!!"
Everyone at the table laughed, except Itachi, who was blankly staring infront of him.
Kisame stopped laughing and patted Itachi's shoulder. "Hun, you okay?"
Itachi waited a second before nodding, smiling "Just...tired..."
Kisame laughed and kissed his cheek. "Don't scare me like that, okay?"
Itachi smiled bigger and blushed. "Okieeee..." he said cutely and looked down at his plate.
Hidan caught himself watching them and smiling, wishing he was one of them.  He shook his head and buried his nose back in his book, not understanding anything anymore........
dont worry, the chick and Kakuzu ARE NOT dateing...:3 and she IS SHUSH! i will hear NO COMPLAINING O.O

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